Entry #1


2017-03-19 03:52:49 by AISFDB

While I wasn't on Newgrounds, I tried to improve myself. I think I succeeded a bit. I wanted to improve more or just finish my animations, but my mouse has "broken" suddenly, it didn't work. So I tried to continue animating with my ​f***ing​ touchpad. It's terrible. It's small, slightly wrecked and it doesn't work if I use it and a/some key/s at once. (playing Minecraft was very difficult) I tried to continue animating, but this touchpad slowed me a lot, and so I gave up. The only keys that worked with the touchpad are shift​ and all those bottom-placed keys near the spacebar except the arrow keys. I continued drawing small pixeled things for some weeks.

​This doesn't mean I'm dead, 'cause recently my mouse restarted working. In these weeks I made something and I'm going to make more. 

  1. ​Try to continue my sheet. DONE
  2. Try to draw sprites like MC1/2. DONE
  3. Working on other possible collab parts. WORKING NOW
  4. Attempt to draw some blood effects. DONE
  5. Finish my solo movie. NOT DONE
  6. Try to draw/create some weapons. DONE (example: look at my profile image)
  7. Exaggerate with effects. DONE (heh heh)
  8. Improve gibs drawing. DONE
  9. Try to reach to the profile level 8. WORKING NOW (this can be hard)
  10. Complete this list. NOT DONE

​See you next time!

Edit: I hate the new mp4 player. Recently it stopped playing movies.

​Honestly, I want back the old player.


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2017-03-19 05:28:55

Lol, awesome. Waiting for ya

AISFDB responds:

Evident! :-D


2017-03-19 18:03:07

I cant wait to see the sprites
But what do you mean with: Try to draw sprites similar to MC1/2?

AISFDB responds:

Something like MC1/2. Simple mirrorable sprites.